Brain. Explosion.


Yes, that was my head. Exploding after reading John Halstead’s latest post:

I’ve had this on my mind a lot actually¬† – I work as a professional, in an office environment, in a cubicle. I like it well enough – I get to draw most days- I make not a whole lot, but enough to pay my bills. But, it’s not my passion. Like John, I wanted to go into religious studies, get a degree, take classes. I would love to do community work all day long and get paid for it. But, alas, it’s not the world I live in. And, for the longest time time, I have had difficulties finding joy in my job because it’s just a ‘job’ and I felt it should be more. I had lunch with a coworker where I expressed this and she felt that, while it was her passion, it wasn’t her life.

That started me thinking. Then I read John’s post and BAM, I got it. My job *can* be just my job – it can be the thing that allows me to do my passion….to travel and do my community work and teach my classes and do my moon rituals. Sometimes my brain gets stuck in a pattern – and sometimes I need to just read/do/see something to get out of that pattern.

So, thank you to the Allergic Pagan for shifting my brain cells a bit.

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